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Regular Schedule

Monday – Friday Schedule Saturday Schedule Sunday Schedule
6am – 10am Morning Music 6am-10am Saturday Morning Chores 6am-8am Praise
10am – 11am Folk Music 10am – Info Hour AWWW 8am-10am Sunday Morning Hymns
11am – 1pm Midday Music 11am – Noon British Rock 10am – 11am Gospel
1pm-3pm Afternoon Classical Noon – 1pm World Music 11am-1pm Instrumental Music
3pm – 5pm Popular Music by Years 1pm – 2pm World Music 1pm – 2pm German Hour
5pm – 7pm Dinner Music 2pm – 4pm Estes Park Spanish Radio 2pm-3pm World Music
7pm – 8pm Grass Fed (Eclectic Rock) 4pm-7pm Dinner Music 3pm-5pm Afternoon Classical
8pm – 11pm Jazz Time 7pm-8pm Grass Fed (Eclectic Rock) 5pm-7pm Dinner Music
11pm-6am Night Music 8pm-11pm Jazz Time 7pm-9pm Jazz Time
Pop Music 3pm – 5pm Mon – Fri 11pm – 6am Night Music 9pm – 11pm Evening Classical
Monday: 1950 – 1963 11pm-6am Night Music
Tuesday: 1964 – 1975
Wednesday: 1976 – 1983
Thursday: 1984 – 1999
Friday: 2000 – Current